• No motorised/fuel-powered Soap Boxes allowed. Human powered propulsion only
  • No pedals or chain driven devices
  • Dimensions can be no wider than 1 metre – no limit on length
  • No protruding sharp edges or parts, moving or otherwise, that could cause harm to spectators or participants and no parts can be attached to your Soap Box which could hinder other partcipant’s progress.
  • Maximum of 4 wheels and a minimum of 3
  • Can be constructed in any material – an obvious advantage can be had by making it as light as possible
  • Fancy dress and themed Soap Boxes are positively encouraged
  • There will be a prize for the ‘best turned-out Soap Box’ and this will be judged before the race starts with the winner announced a er the race
  • Both runner and rider must be in contact with the vehicle at all times during the race
  • Your Soap Box will be checked for safety before the race and if it doesn’t meet the required standard then you’ll be invited to make the necessary adjustments. If that’s not possible or if the changes still do not make the Soap Box safe, then you may have to withdraw from the race.
  •  There is a non-refundable entry fee of £5 for the Children’s Race and £10 for the Adults Race which must be received by August 31st 2018.

Additional rules apply for the Adult race and the Children’s Race. Further terms and conditions also apply, these can be seen here.

A .pdf version of the Soap Box Construction Guidelines and Rules can be downloaded here.